Holding my breath


Dear Ed;

There are lots of challenges in Thailand for westerners. Mine is unique. I stayed at a hotel on Soi 8 in Pattaya and was met with a new problem. I use a CPAP machine for sleeping to keep my airways open and assure a good rest. Well, the good folks did not have an electrical outlet at this fine hotel. Nope, they disabled them so that guests could not ‘steal’ their electric!

After complaining to management, they told me they thought I was dying or had just left hospital after an operation. After lifting my shirt and showing no telltale operations and giving them my phone so they could talk Thai to my neighbor – yes, I live here – they told me I would have to buy an electric extension cord to bring electric from the bathroom where there was an outlet. I protested and they brought a maintenance man to ‘operate’ on a disabled outlet near the bed.

Why, in this modern age, is this hotel the only place in the world with no electric? Don’t people in Thailand know what a CPAP breathing machine is? Disgusted.

Jerry Schlotter