Help the homeless



This is a picture of 3 homeless Thais with their homeless dogs and their permission to take the picture. We deal with around 10 homeless people and 40 homeless dogs daily at the Jomtien Beach area. We help take care of their dogs, we feed, water and provide mange medicine if needed. We also from time to time give the homeless Thais some food, water, needed medicine for cuts, infections, and do our best to doctor them.

No matter what the powers that may be, there will always be homeless people and homeless dogs. Might as well except it and make it as painless as possible, for them and us. Yes many are alcoholics, it easy to be one, when living in the bush. I know from past experience.

Build the beach toilets and showers for the beach-goers, let the homeless use some of them, have people there in charge that take care. Yes they will beg for food or drink, there aren’t any soup-lines or welfare. Have certain beach-goers areas off limits.

From what we see, the dogs are being treated worse than dogs. The homeless people, are also. There is no easy quick fix, but we can and should help.

We suggest with all of this fix-it, green money, a small portion could, should, be part of helping the homeless to be cleaner, and have a place other then the beach or bush to use for a toilet. They would not be as much of an eye-soar, and they would not be forced as much to live like animals.

Helping the sick, lost, hard-times, people, should be a concern to all of us. One never knows, if the bottom falls out, we could be right there with them. Most of these homeless are quite nice, lost souls, just trying to survive.

The police pick them up from time to time, take them far out of town, drop them off and they return. That’s like blowing against the wind. It’s a one to 3 days to walk back more hungry, more dangerous, more scared. We have been dealing with, helping the same people for many years.

That’s our story and we are stickin to it.

There are some caring Thais and farangs that give us donations for dog food, why not for homeless human food? We would never give them cash, just water, food, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, maybe flip flops, they always seem to have hand-me down clothes.  Just a Pollution Solution thought.

Thank You,

Gerry Rasmus