Goodbye Dongtan’s Walking Street



Thousands of tourists for many years have enjoyed Dongtan Beach walking street. The attraction of a quiet walk, with restricted hours for vehicle access, vendors with chairs, umbrellas, food, and massage. Not to mention, gentle breezes and sound of waves on the beach.

Rumor has it, the city government plans not only to restore the beach to a more ‘natural state’, but to also extend and expand beach road from the police box through to Pratamnak Road. And, add lots more car parking spaces. Ostensibly to funnel traffic from the present beach road onto what was a walking street.

Coincidently, this beach road extension/expansion will allow access to several large parcels of undeveloped land. Obviously, construction will soon follow the road works. Let’s hope construction and development will not duplicate the commercial slum southwards of the police box.

A sad goodbye to Dongtan’s Walking Street and justified apprehension regarding the new “Rabbit Road”. The government planners will pave over paradise for a parking lot.

Pete in Jomtien