Give me a break



In today’s Pattaya Mail there is an article telling us about the severe crackdown on the lack of wearing helmets while on motorbikes.  I have to laugh, because whilst all this effort is being expended, there is a continued throng of people on motorbikes, in cars, and baht taxi drivers, going through the red light at Thappraya and Thepprasit Roads and not one thing is done about it. (I suppose it’s) way too much work and effort required by the police to handle this problem.  Disgusting!  I say, “Do your job” and leave these un-helmeted folks alone, as it is apparent that it is purely arbitrary as to whom they stop. I know nothing will be done about this, but it feels good to vent once in awhile.

Choke Dii Khrup,

Hyde Parke


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