Give children safe secure area, not muddy pit filled with cars



Pattaya No. 8 school right in the centre of South Pattaya used to have a large playing field for all the children. Now it is an eyesore, a muddy pit filled with parked cars.

Who is gaining the money for all these cars parking there?

The children deserve better than this. Yesterday on my visit, even the small play area that had been cordoned off and an artificial turfed football pitch laid were also used as the car park.

Let me suggest that the whole ground be cleared, and a small area be reserved for the teachers to park. I am sure that every teacher does not have a car.

A small in/out area be provided, in one gate out the other so children can be dropped off safely. Patterned concrete bricks (similar to Walking Street) placed around the outskirts of the play area which would allow cars to be parked there in the evening. The main central area to be permanently cordoned off so no vehicles can enter. This main play area either to be grassed /turfed or artificial turf laid.

Parking in the outer area restricted to night time, 6pm to 6am and weekends, all cars to vacate by 6am. To ensure it is cleared a private firm could be used to manage this and any/all vehicles left there to be towed away (at the owner’s expense) and the outer track to be cleared by the latest 7am.

This would leave the outer area to be used as a running/exercise track in all weathers. All monies earned from the parking to be used by the school for maintenance of the area; i.e., watering of the grass or repairs to the artificial turf.

Give the children a safe secure area they deserve.

Bruce Jazz