Free poster and video



On Friday May 25, while the Pollution Solution Group was feeding and watering the many homeless dogs and removing litter from Jomtien Beach, an 11-year-old boy named Thomas and his mother asked if they could donate for the homeless dogs.

We happily accepted the 500 baht. Donations are always needed, to help feed the 40+ dogs, we daily take care of.

Thomas’s mother told us her son could, and would, like to help us from time to time, taking care of the homeless dogs and removing dangers from the beach and storm drain areas. We were honored that such a young smart boy wanted to help.

Since he attends Assumption College in Sriracha, we gave him a poster from Pattaya City Hall and a Thai PBS Documentary about Koto, litter, and homeless dogs and cats, to share at his school.

If there happens to be any parents or students that are interested, we are more then happy to give you a free poster and Thai PBS DVD documentary, in Thai and English.

Gerry Rasmus