Fraud in Banglamung transport dept



We went to Banglamung transport department to simply transfer a motorbike in my fiancé’s name. An official worker directed us to table at rear of the office where a worker assisted us. The woman gave us prices that seemed very expensive, but because we thought she worked for the government it must be correct. We were charged nearly 2000 baht for this simple process.

The next day we spoke to a motorbike shop to find we had been scammed by an agent working there and the government workers receive commission on the money stolen from when a foreigner is present. We contacted her to say we wanted the process stopped and she refused. We contacted Chonburi transport to find the real cost of this was only 150 baht, not 2000 baht. This is downright theft and I will take this as far as possible.

Clive Seib