For what it’s worth



Thank you for publishing my letter ‘Ban rogue jet ski operators’ in your Friday October 5th Mailbag.

The editor’s note ‘For what it’s worth that’s exactly what City Hall has started to do this past week – see page 3’ gave me a wry chuckle ‘For what it’s worth’ is the exact right phrase to use!

A picture of the Jet Ski Committee launching a snap beachfront inspection does not fill me with confidence that anything concrete will actually be done, more likely the usual window dressing, smoke and mirrors Thailand is famous for.

I remember seeing a picture of the mayor inspecting the built-over and clogged drainage canal near the Camelot Hotel in Pratamnak Road, South Pattaya about 3 years ago and he said, ‘Offenders have been given 3 months to remove illegal buildings so we can dredge the canal. I believe it being clogged is the main reason for part of Sukhumvit road becoming flooded whenever we have unusually heavy rain.”

I went past it the other day – surprise surprise – it looked exactly the same as it did way back then, and I bet the hotel opposite who built over the canal have not done anything either. I think I am right in saying that efforts to remove illegal restaurants built out over the sea on the other side of Walking Street have been going on for over 15 years without much success, so I am not holding my breath that anything concrete will be done to reign in the rogue jet ski operators.

Pardon my skepticism!

Best wishes to Pattaya Mail,

Rick Walton

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