Flooding problems on Soi Wat Boon Jomtien



In 2003/4 Soi Wat Boon was completely dug up and drains put in. Unfortunately, this failed.  In 2011 the floods came, from the market to Angket, small sois where Thai people live, homes were under water.

This year they dug up the road again, but this failed again. In the last week we have had the same problem: flooded out.

The cost must be phenomenal, and as the say, baht down the drain – unfortunately the drains don’t work.

Also they are unable to completely finish a job. For instance, they dug a ditch and left it 50mm below road level, causing possible damage/accidents to cars.

To add to the problem, more condos are planned for Soi Wat Boon.

Matt Jomtien