Fitting in in Thailand



High season his coming to Pattaya again, with cooler weather, busier businesses, and, unfortunately, more shirtless men sporting their sweaty torsos. Yes, Thai people and Foreigners alike can look forward with disdain at seeing more bared backs daily. The .0001% of all male tourists think that because they are on vacation and spending their tourist dollars here that they can do whatever they want including going against Thai culture, nauseating other people at restaurants, in offices and just walking down the streets far removed from the beach. Many people do not like this, and are ashamed at the classless, clueless few who go half nude everywhere.

Thai parents teach their children, “When at home, wear what you like, but when you go outside, put on some clothes.” It is a common courtesy. The Tourist Authority of Thailand even publishes a pamphlet that is distributed at various sites, including Suvarnabhumi International Airport that tells tourists to wear shirts in public when they are away from the beach. Obviously the shirtless are either blissfully unaware that Thai men do not go out in public underdressed, or they are arrogant and just don’t care. Do they dress like that where they come from, or only here? Thai people are quite “clean conscious”, and judge people on their tidy appearance.

Is there anything that can be done to stem this barbaric problem? Yes, gratefully there is all businesses, whether a bar, restaurant, store or office, can post a sign that states, “No Shirt, No Service”. If Pattaya City Hall can finally decide to support and enforce this rule of decency, this fine resort city will quickly see almost no sweat dripping, shirtless people in any business, and soon less of them would be walking the streets and riding motor bikes.

We are guests in the Kingdom of Thailand, and we should dress and act with respect.

Respectfully submitted by

Sir William of Doodadshire