Fine the noisy bikers on Sois VC and Yensabai



Why are Pattaya City Police only targeting Thai and Farangs for failing to wear crash helmets, but not charging visitors from the Middle East?

Dozens of these visitors race up and down Soi VC and Soi Yensabai 24 hours a day on high speed motorbikes, but not one rider wears a helmet!

Pattaya City Police make no effort to stop and fine them! Is it because they never pay the fines? If so there is a simple solution. Bring along a mobile fines desk and have them pay on the spot, or lose their motorbike!

If the Pattaya City Police visited this area every two or three days at different times of the day and night, they could raise large sums through fines for no helmets, speeding and excessive noise and keep local residents happy!

Robert Valentine