Favours Thai system over British NHS




Alexander’s letter (1/1) left me bewildered since I was unable to find any connection between his working for the British NHS and rats on Pattaya Beach. His letter could be taken as a slight on the excellent medical and epidemiological services in this country. I also worked for the NHS and whilst I applaud the emergency treatment, I found the service to be corrupt, wasteful, guilty of massive over-prescribing, misdiagnoses (100,000 pounds in compensation claims being just the tip of the iceberg) and, apart from a belated tackling of smoking, has by default failed to teach people anything about health.

To the best of my knowledge there has never been any harm done by the rats; whereas I can list a large number of far more important and potentially dangerous things and here are five of them: smoking in public, traffic fumes, carnage on Thai roads, mosquitoes and sugary drinks.

The British NHS has presided over epidemics of obesity, allergies, diabetes, heart disease and other chronic ills. I would favour the Thai system over the economic black hole which is the British NHS.