Enjoy the dream



Re: Idea in search of a reason (PM Mailbag Friday, 17 July 2015) – Option 1: Songthaew to North Pattaya bus station, travel to Bangkok’s southern bus station. Travel to Hua Hin bus station. Over 3 hours sitting in an upright seat with only one toilet break.

Option 2: Build a multi million baht Catamaran and fit it out with reclining seats, lounges, bar, pool tables etc. For a ship this size we must have a 1st & 2nd officer, an engineer, deck hands, docking facilities & staff, not forgetting the bar & lounge workers. This would be heaven to the few people who would use the service.

Now lay back and enjoy the dream. It’s never going to happen. Next one will be to use the Navy / Army giant Chinook choppers for a “pad to pad” crossing.

Liam Murphy