Enforce traffic laws



Ref: to Thailand’s ambitious plans to increase tourism. With street crime, natural disasters again, political insecurity, jet ski scams, and the crazy driving here, it’s about time the government police got a grip. (Start with) some zero tolerance on these problems instead of turning a blind eye or (giving out) spot fines of 200 baht and letting them drive away again with no license. What a joke. They drive on the pavement, on the wrong side of the roads, and who’s in the wrong?  Yes, you, because you are on the correct side of the road or walking on the pavement.

Then you see the parents with their children perched at the front of the motorcycle with no safety hats, etc., and oblivious to any other road users or traffic lights. Will these children grow up to see their teens?  I think a very few will until the law is enforced.

If they can’t drive within the law, take the vehicle away from them.  Stop playing at law enforcement and get a grip so it will be safer on the roads and pavements for the tourists and the locals.

PS – I am British and I spend nine months at the time here, and I’m still very nervous about driving and crossing the roads.




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