End of Ramadan beginning of chaos part two


Dear Editor;

Re: Vol. 25 No. 27 Pattaya Mail – letter from Robin Valentine – I heartily endorse everything Mr. Valentine indicates in his letter regarding the Middle Eastern motorbike drivers up and down Soi VC and surrounding mini-sois. They still treat the road as their own personal Brands Hatch and last week whilst I was walking down to my favourite watering establishment, one driver in the centre of the road swerved to avoid another vehicle and drove up the wrong side of the road, causing the driver of the other vehicle going down toward 2nd Road VC Hotel, to swerve into the ‘pedestrian’ lane (sic) and his wing mirror caught my right elbow with a heck of a bump.

Did the driver stop, apologise, what do you think?

I uttered a few expletive deleted’s but to no avail. That driver was also of Middle Eastern nationality. Fortunately no serious injury was incurred but had it been a child or an older pedestrian?

I agree with Mr. Valentine’s question, “Where are the police when you need them?” Is it going to take a serious incident involving children and/or the elderly (heck I’m over seventy) before any action is taken by anyone in authority?

Three o’clock in the morning these guys can be seen and heard racing up and down past Bush Residence/PN Mansion and it is only until after seven o’clock when peace appears to descend. Probably that is because they then go to bed!

One question I would love to have answered ‘Do these guys have driving licences, have they passed a motorbike driving test, why do they not wear helmets? The list could go on and on.

Come on, someone in authority, get your officers to patrol this area and take action before, as I say, something more serious occurs.

Hopefully I won’t have to write a Part 3 missive next year.

Yours in hope,

Rodney G.