Empty land article follow up



Re: Property owners told to fence off vacant land (PM May 19, 2017) – We contacted City Hall today about this vacant plot of land which is currently used for dumping rubbish and other activities.

City Hall sent out to inspect 2 hours later. It was a quick and professional response and they’ve been very helpful and efficient so far.

City Hall will clear the land in 2 or 3 days.

It will be interesting to see if they instruct the owner to fence and secure (as stated in your article) or, if they leave the area to become a dump and hiding place again.

Does City Hall and public funds cover the cost of clearing the land for the owner?

Neighbouring properties have had to install CCTV and wire fences + we now employ a security guard in our own community.

The road goes nowhere and does not provide any access to property, only to an overgrown rubbish dump.

Why the road was built a few years ago I have no idea.

(There have been) Attempted break-ins and burglary’s in the area. You reported on an attempted burglar that we caught/escaped and photographed in 2015. He was only recently caught through social media. He handed himself in after admitting to 19 break-ins.

We also had a 4 – 5 metre snake come over our wall earlier this year.

Owners should take responsibility for their property/land and be responsible for the costs involved in maintaining safety, security.

City Hall should not have to cover land owners costs and responsibilities.

These empty plots cause lots of problems that go unreported by local residents because they don’t believe anything will be done.

Hopefully the Mayor will enforce the new regulations.

Namkang Srikul