Eat your sprouts



Letters to the editor reminds me of people in a Dr’s waiting room. Everyone wants to know what your ailment is. Over the last few weeks we have read “Vegan diet is the greatest thing since sliced bread; Don’t eat meat you will have a heart attack; That sugar you are eating will kill you,” etc.

Today I read in the Bangkok Post that good cholesterol is ok but beware of bad cholesterol as it will clog my arteries. I am into my twilight years and I still like my cha with milk and 2 sugars. My ma always served up meat and 3 veggies when she could afford it.

What seems to trouble a lot of readers is that they have reached middle age and need to slow down the aging process. Let’s be realistic; from the day you were born you began to die. Give up smoking and you may live a few weeks longer, take on a vegan diet and make the sheep happy. I once read where carrots scream when they are pulled from the earth (truly). Let’s hope if we made it into 2014 we can find a better topic than how to painlessly remove blackheads.

Happy New Year,