Duped by tobacco interests



Re: It’s all a lie (PM Mailbag Friday, 07 March 2014) – No, you were duped by tobacco interests battling plain ordinary science. You offer no science here, of course. “It’s so because I say it’s so” is the best you got. Typical Fox News-style rant.

The trouble with gullible (people) trying to undercut science is that eventually all science becomes tainted, suspect – and soon we get to the state we’re in, in the USA today, where an unseemly percentage of the population chooses their own completely unsupported biases over science in a number of areas.

This will do nothing but lead to bad decisions, and eventually, bring down a society.

What’s ugly is that the Pattaya Mail actually saw fit to publish this unmitigated trash – some guy with no discernable expertise ranting against normal, established science. Why publish this? What’s next, cow-towing to the Flat Earth Society? Who’s doing the gate keeping here? Doesn’t the Pattaya Mail have an obligation to its readers to present articles bearing some semblance of reality?