Dreams of the 3 baht songthaew fare returning



Re: Many already use 2nd Rd as 2 way (PM Mailbag Friday, 10 October 2014) – 20+years ago when I first came to Thailand 2nd Road was one way heading north from Pattaya Tai to Pattaya Klang. From there it was two way to Dolphin Roundabout. It was possible to travel by songthaew from Naklua down 2nd Road as far as Pattaya Klang then turn right or left. After becoming one way, Big C lost so much custom that songthaews with the lower section of windscreen painted yellow were allowed to travel against the traffic using the left lane. This didn’t last long. City Hall has a lot to answer for in regard to planning. I guess I can dream of the B3 songthaew fare returning!

Bryan Patricks