Don’t twist the Tiger’s Tail



Re: Not a comfortable feeling (PM Mailbag Friday, 27 February 2015) – Don’t twist the Tiger’s Tail. Indonesia has the right to govern its people as they do. We may not all agree with what they do, but unless it effects us personally we should stay out of it.

Name me the country that has invaded over 80 countries since WW2. No it wasn’t China. They took on the might of the US led UN forces when Gen Macarthur threatened to cross the Yalu into Manchuria. In later years they annexed Tibet.

The unnamed villains are now rattling their sabers at North Korea, Yemen, Venezuela & Iran. Iran has not attacked another country in over 100 years. Admittedly they were asked for help in some cases. (We must keep our sabers well oiled lest they rust.) Still no country named? But Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon & Bush have a few questions to answer.

They play their war games in South Korea, antagonizing the North & I assume the Cobra Gold exercises are monitored in China. Australia is playing it each way. US marines based in the north and China’s troops & navy participating in maneuvers on the east coast.

It’s much like the boy on the tiger’s back. If he gets off he will be eaten and if he stays on he will be lost in the jungle.