Don’t see Chiang Mai through rose colored glasses



Re: Article published by UK Ian and Chiang Mai – One should offer a balance to the … writing that this individual provided. Chiang Mai is made to look like a paradise compared to Pattaya. I have never visited Pattaya, but in Chiang Mai, one rarely can walk on sidewalks, stalls do take up space and require individuals to walk in streets, one does take one’s life into their own hands when crossing a street because vehicles rarely slow down, let alone stop, and the wires are strung in bundles and if one falls the entire city will black out.

You need to research and review articles more closely. This man was not in Chiang Mai and if he was, it was not the part of the city we all know and loath in many ways. Chiang Mai is an excellent place to visit and live, but UK Ian needs to open his eyes when traveling and truly see a place in black and white and not through the proverbial “rose colored glasses”.

Terry Reardon