Don’t complain unless you offer solutions



I was taught by a very smart boss who got things done… Don’t complain unless you offer solutions. I suggest all parking on Pattaya Tai Road be eliminated on BOTH sides of the street 24 hours per day. Create taxi stops for the songtaews to use only designated stopping areas. Make big fines for anyone double parked and enforce it on 2nd Road and Beach Road.

I suggest all sidewalks (foot paths) be at least 5 feet wide, eliminate vendors from sidewalks, and from setting up shop in the streets. I agree with the jet ski scam, eliminate jet ski rentals for a period of 3 months, then allow people to file for permits to rent, requiring they show proof of insurance, and make it clear they are responsible for all damages, not the tourists.

If anyone is reported for trying to rip off a tourist, the police should take all the jet skis away, and take away their license. Post signs on the beach of the new Law/Rules so tourists know the jet ski scam is over.

Fresh Farang


  1. This is Thailand, and Thais who live in Pattaya are not here on vacation they are here to make a living. Did you give a thought to how many livelihoods your ‘solutions’ would destroy, not to mention the gastronomic vandalism of getting rid of most of the subsistence street food traders. My solution, learn to love it, or leave.

  2. It’s a shame that you boss didn’t give you the caveat that these solutions should be sensible.
    Firstly there isn’t the resorces monitor the parking in these areas and bus stops would be as much use as the trafic lights.
    Second you are sugesting ripping up the entire sidewalk on beach road well I can see that going well considering how long it took the council to do threpasit road .
    Finaly You want to remove peoples income for 3 months and then take there jet ski’s without any proof
    I feel that your ideas may need a bit of fine tuning

  3. C’mon Matt ” love it or…..”, is a cop out !
    I agree in principle as I do not believe, even if it is for the good of everybody, that anything , ever,will change unless…. someone dies and, maybe, not even then so, ” tolerate it ! But love it ?


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