Dog helper is all heart



Re: Pattaya City Hall worker ‘adopts’ 80 stray dogs (PM Friday, 26 February 2016) – I am not sure if anyone has been to Tony’s dogs home but it is awful. I understand what they are trying to achieve but to get the dogs spayed and put back is far kinder than sending them there.

There is also a woman in Sriracha that helps all the crippled dogs that has a more dog friendly attitude and is not there just to get them off the streets. She also does it from donations and kindness of volunteers world wide.

I have experienced the backlash from people that think you should not feed the dogs but I also refuse to watch any animal starve and if they don’t like it for whatever reason I suggest they look away and mind their own business.

This kind hearted soul needs every assistance that anyone can give her and I would be happy to help her get dogs spayed. She is all heart.