Dog attacks continue



I too was attacked by dogs on my morning walk in a heavily populated area of the Jomtien Plaza Walking Street. I call upon City Hall to make it mandatory for dogs to be registered. Once the dogs are registered and if they bite someone then these medical bills can be passed to the registered owner. If the owner does not control the dog and it has attacked other people then the issue becomes more serious. This is the only way to solve this problem.

I have run up considerable bills and although the dog was collared, people that feed and house this dog denied responsibility. Some say that de-sexing the dogs will help, however if the dog is sick with rabies this will not help at all. Rabies is around and if you get it you die. 100%. Now I am on rabies shots, antibiotics, anti-serum, pain killers, and the wound, a 6 centimeter gash, has to be cleaned and dressed every day.

I explained to the owners of restaurants and bars in the area that having rabid dogs running around biting people is not good for business and that they should band together to get City Hall to get dogs registered and then round up the strays. Let’s see?

Anyone that has been bitten should email me and I will add it to the growing list of dogs attacking people.

I know some will disagree and say that dogs only attack if provoked. Well the Canadian lady and myself did not provoke the dogs but they still attacked – I have pictures of the pain and suffering I am going through and can send them if you want.

Thank You,


Kelvin Bamfield

CEO Thai888 Law Co.