Does fertilizer spell trouble?



There were 2 items of interest on today. The first was a warning of possible attacks by Islamic extremists on certain locations in Thailand, mainly targeting US & UK premises.

The second was an unrelated article about the dumping of about 20,000 empty fertilizer bags. They have washed ashore on various beaches around Rayong, about 70kms from the major tourist city of Pattaya.  There were several comments about this, mostly with regard to mess left on the beaches but nobody mentioned the fact that if this fertilizer was ammonium nitrate, it can be used to make bombs.

I understand that Thailand has many large agricultural areas & maybe a farmer accidentally put these empty bags in the sea & if the fertilizer isn’t ammonium nitrate, then I’ll accept the fact that I’ve been barking up the wrong tree.  However, I think it would be a good idea if the police check these bags out & try to ascertain whether the purchaser was indeed a farmer or a man with a beard & a towel on his head?


Des Gillet


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