Dealing with Thai time



This isn’t meant as a complaint.  I don’t expect anyone to do anything about this, even if they could.  It’s just an observance of that wonderful trait called Thai time.

I have a small computer amplifier, which when it works is great.  Over the past year or so, it began cutting out.  I made a feeble attempt to fix it myself, and when I realized it was over my head, I took it to the little electronic fixer guy on the corner.

The gentleman’s shop was chock full, to the rafters, with TVs, amps, recorders, you name it; if it was electronic, it was in there.  That should have been my first clue.  He took a look at my little black box and said; sure, he could fix it.  Come back in 2 or 3 days.

I went back in there on day 3, and it still hadn’t been touched.  Come back tomorrow he said.  I went back tomorrow, and received another tomorrow.  By the 3rd tomorrow I figured I could be running back and forth to this shop forever, and still nothing would have been fixed.  He seemed to agree.

I asked him where in the area I might be able to take it, since he was too busy.  He said, Tuk Com.  I asked, where in Tuk Com (it’s a big place).  He said, Tuk Com.  I repeated, where in Tuk Com.  He repeated, Tuk Com.  By the way, this was all in the Thai language.  I smiled, picked up the still broken amp and walked over to Tuk Com.

I took it to the basement floor where the Amorn “fix anything, and they sell hard to find stuff” shop.  I asked the girl at the counter if they could fix it.  First, she scolded me for trying to fix it myself.  Ok, I’m duly scolded, but can you fix it?  Yes, come back in 2 or 3 days.  (Sound familiar?)

3 days later, I return to the shop, and was told tomorrow.  She promised to give me a call.  After a couple more tomorrows, I decided to wait her out.  A computer-music-less week later, I decided I’d give it another try.  That was today.  A new girl behind the counter tracked it down and came back with, “Tomorrow.  Same time.”  I asked her, “chua?” (are you sure?)  She said, yes nung loy percent (100%).  She even gave me a pinky promise.

I must be a real sucker, as I will try again tomorrow.  Who knows what I will find.


Paul Millard