Crocodiles eat sharks



Re: (PM Mailbag Bondi mirrors Phuket Friday, 02 January 2015) – Friday 2/1/15: Bondi beach bathers scurry from the water as a 5 meter bull shark was spotted cruising beyond the breakers. (It was) chased out to sea by Polair and told not to come back.

Bathers returned to the water after 2 hours closure. This type of shark lives in salt or fresh water and is responsible for many attacks.

Just off north Bondi headland is what is known locally as “The Murk” where the sewerage plant releases waste into the sea. (It is) one of the best fishing spots around. The real test is if you can land your catch before the sharks get it.

Best move up north where the crocodiles eat the sharks.

Bryan O’Shea


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