Crazy politicians



Re: ASEAN can kill the Vietnam auto industry (PM Friday, 23 August 2013) – Iain, sounds exactly what has happened to the Australian automotive industry. The “brainy politicians” decide to reduce the tariffs to make the Australian industry compete on a global basis! All it has succeeded to do, is reduce the number of vehicles produced locally. The car sales figures have increase enormously since the year 2,000. In the year 2,000, Australia produced 345,207 vehicles. In 2012, Australia produced 221,224 vehicles. Australians purchased just over 1,000,000 vehicles in 2012, so, you can see how many are now imported. Local businesses go bust! Crazy politicians!

Peter Geran


  1. Rubbish. Australians are sick of pouring their tax dollars into a dying industry that just cant compete in the world market place.

  2. For yeas the government has wasted millions of $’s
    propping up these two American companies.
    They accept the money then still go ahead and stand workers down.
    Why would you buy a vehicle of lesser quality than the imports at an inflated price?
    GMH can turn out a V8 commodore,Offer it to me
    for $ 50,000+ then rebadge it, ship it to America & sell it for a fraction of our price.
    Its sad that many people will lose their jobs, but it
    boils down to supply & demand.
    Our government raves about our economy,our AAA
    rating and our 5% unemployment.They feed us with Spin & if they came clean and showed how they
    doctor the figures, True unemployment is nearer10%.
    Why Peter Geran even worries about the Vietnam
    “Cyclo industry” going down hill is beyond me.
    After this week Australia may have a new government, but don’t expect things to get better.
    Same Menu but new snouts in the trough.


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