Counting each day as a bonus



Re: Pattaya hospitals (PM Mailbag Friday, 11 March 2016) – “Surgeon Heal thy Self” – An optometrist may or may not have attended University. Whereas an ophthalmologist has served at least 4 years in university, then moves on to further years as a resident in an hospital. He then applies to join the “Collage of Surgeon’s”. If accepted he will assist in operations until deeded capable of unsupervised operations.

You chose the lesser, and by sheer luck got away with ß8500.00. You had already been diagnosed with cataracts so all you did was postpone the surgery.

My case is similar, I attended an optometrist who confirmed I had cataracts and prescribed glasses. ß8???,00. These were useless. I surfed the net and found cataract surgery was all about the same price, ß90,000.00 to ß120,000.00 for one eye. Sattahip & Banglamung came in much less, but warned me that even if I was on the list I would be shunted back in preference to a Thai & I may never reach the top.

I opted BHP for the both eyes. (ß240,000.00+) For this I had both cataracts removed and “multi vision lenses” inserted in the eye balls. The lesser price (ß90,000.00 would be for “mono lenses”.) Included in the cost was overnight as an inpatient.

By now my eyesight was unbelievable. After 4 weeks the sutures were removed and I had laser surgery (30 minutes) to amend the holes the sutures left. I can now read the tiniest of print without glasses. Before I needed to zoom my computer 400%, now I am back to normal & count each day as a bonus.

Ryan Patricks