Completely overhaul Thai driving laws



Re: Toyota to fund multi-lingual traffic signs (PM September 23, 2016) – Could be a good thing if drivers obeyed the signs that are already there. Maybe it’s time for a complete overhaul of the Thai driving laws as nobody seems to give a damn. (People) still drive the wrong way down, not just side roads, but on main roads too. Baht buses reversing down second road, irresponsible parking, double parking, and I think one of the worst is just assuming you have the right to pull out of side roads into oncoming traffic without looking right. What’s your insurance company – not my fault.

I understand the problems we have with the sun and driving but what’s a good tint during the day is an accident waiting to happen at night when you see windscreens so black you can’t see out. Thai police should have light meters like Europe. I think a trip to Europe for the Thai D S A should be a priority. Stricter driving standards should be a priority.

Please, can we get the traffic lights working on railway road?