Compare prices in Pattaya to Australia



Re: Putting out fire with gasoline (PM Mailbag Friday, 05 December 2014) – Scott, Compare your 2 hours Q.T. at Pattaya to Australia’s famous Bondi Beach. No deck chairs, no alcohol, no cameras, no smoking, no vendors at your beck and call. If you want that cold Coke you must walk 400 yards and cross 2 busy roads to get your refreshments & if in a glass bottle it will be confiscated. If you find a parking space it will be metered and set at 2 hours.

Only guessing but I presume your parking space near the beach would be at one of the supermarkets as I know of no other free parking area near the beach. True, the beach is public land but the vendors must pay a fee to set up shop. Yes, you were over charged for the chairs. But if you had stayed all day the charge would have been the same. B30 for Coke kept cold in vendors icebox for you.

Next time you visit the beach I suggest if B160 is too much to pay you walk and buy your drinks at 7/11 then sit on the promenade cement benches. I see no mention as to the cost of fuel used for your Q.T. Your comment hinges around tourists but if they can afford to stay at 5**** hotels, $5.00 at the beach would compare with the tip to the bellboy.

Arnold Scheffran