Cleaning the beaches



In Australia they have had a campaign called “Pick Up 10”. Whenever you go for a walk, you bring a bag and you pick up 10 pieces of rubbish left behind by the non thinking/non caring among us. Beaches/parks in Australia were clean before, but now they are immaculate. People who used to leave rubbish behind are now standing out as “pigs”, so the litter has now all but disappeared.

Pattaya is not traveling well at the moment. High baht and plenty of clean beach alternatives for tourists. So maybe us expats with time on our hands could help out a bit? I cleaned up a beach in Phuket once, filling up 10 industrial sized bags and felt pretty good about it.

Everybody should of course take his/her rubbish to a bin, and that will happen more and more if they see clean beaches [and streets!] and combined with an awareness campaign in papers/TV/posters, attitudes can change. Even here. Good idea?



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