Cleaning on holiday



A shy gentleman on holiday from Moscow, Russia, has been cleaning one of the beaches at Jomtien that the Pollution Solution Group normally cleans, making our chores a little easier and allowing us to do more.

It does not matter where we come from or where we are at, what matters is where we are coming from on the inside. Not only hearing the cry of Mother Earth, Children, Wildlife and “All” Waterways, but also doing something about it.  We take our hat off to this Russian Gentleman.

Then, on Sunday morning, October 9, a lovely group of families was on holiday from Nakhon Sawan Province. They not only cleaned the area that they were on, Jomtien Beach, they also asked for some literature to bring back to their children’s school.

It is a breath of fresh air to see people concerned about Mother Earth, be it Thai or Farang.

Thank You

The Pollution Solution Group

Gerry aka KOTO