Clean the beach, watch a video


Aloha Editor;

This young man, which we will call Boy due to the fact of his shyness and not saying his name, nonetheless had a desire to help us clean the beach.

We were so impressed we gave him a video, produced by Thai PBS, a documentary about our beaches and homeless dogs. It is in Thai and English and can be viewed if you Google it with the name below.

Solution To Pollution: April 2012

Young people like this give the Pollution Solution Group hope that the schools are teaching the children how important it is to have respect for Mother Earth, not to litter, help homeless dogs and to also teach their parents what they have learned. We hope he takes this video to school for all the students and teachers to watch.

If you are Thai or Farang, we suggest that you also please check it out. It is well done and is worth viewing.

The Pollution Solution Group thanks you.

Gerry Rasmus aka KOTO