Clarification not bragging



Re: From USA, not UK (PM Friday, 01 May 2015) – Hyde Park – Answering your policy of “keep the Riff Raff” out as the ß65,000.00 expats do nothing to support the economy – scraping in just over the minimum required and on a Veteran’s pension, through me millions of baht have gone into the Thai economy. (Yes I did say millions.)

Over my years here I have been hospitalized several times with an ailment from military service and covered by the Veterans Affairs Dept. One confinement alone was over ß1 million. There have been other confinements when totaled would add millions more.

I must be assessed each month at Bangkok Hospital Pattaya. Yesterday’s visit (Friday 8th) cost out at Vets Dept ß27,000 and private consultation ß15,000. Not a bad boost to the economy.

I have also had a hip replacement paid for by insurance ß270,000 and an accident paid for by me ß450,000.

Kind of makes your “clarification” of why you never have more than ß125,000 in your bank look pretty sick.

It may be well to remember “Little Fish” have the right to share the pond with the more affluent residents without being preyed upon.

I hope you consider this more as clarification than bragging.

5 more days till pension comes. I’m of to 7/11 to stock up on Mama (Kor hi Thang.)

Bryan O’Shea