City Hall addresses Soi Chaiyaphun situation


Re: Re: Soi Chaiyaphun (PM Mailbag 22 November 2013) – Sunthorn Sompramai, director of Civil Construction at Pattaya’s Engineering Dept., replies: This road (Soi Chaiyaphun) is not a public road; it belongs to the private sector. According to the complaint over the broken road, city hall has been surfacing the road as a public service and it is not yet done, within this week or the next city hall will lay asphalt over the road.  City hall is looking after the road, too, as a public service for road users, and each year city hall would have to fix this (private) road 2-3 times per year – for free, using public tax money.

As for why city hall was slow in fixing it: first, this year there has been too much rain over the past few months, flooding this road for too long; and second, his department did not have enough manpower to fix the many public roads in the city, much less fix a private road for free.

(For city hall) to keep this road in perfect condition at all times, the private sector who owns the road would have to transfer the ownership to city hall. But that might not be possible since it then would be difficult for the private owner to make any changes or alterations to the road without first asking permission from city hall.