Choke points



Re: Drains are too small (PM Friday, 10 July 2015) – Choke Points: I remember watching South and Center roads being rebuilt in the early 1990s and was amazed at the size of the drainage tunnels built under these roads. You could just about drive a car through them and I’m sure there are 2 under each road (I wish had a photo to show this). However, I would have no idea how much these would have silted up over the years.

One problem I thought at the time was that these large drains did not go all the way to the sea, due I imagine to space limitations. The 3 large pipes you can see draining Pattaya Tai where the old pier used to be just before the start of Walking Street are nowhere near the size of the under road drains. The situation is much worse where Pattaya Klang reaches the sea. Anyone can see that a system is only as good as its weakest choke point.

I’m pretty sure a child playing in a puddle would soon work out what the problem is and how to fix it.

The same principal applies to roads. Did anyone really expect traffic flow on Beach Road to improve by adding an extra lane while doing nothing about the choke point at the start of Walking Street? Or perhaps traffic flow was not the reason the extra lane was added.