Cannot watch sunset on the beach



Re: Pattaya debuts quad-themed tourism campaign to travel agents (PM Friday, 29 May 2015) – I don’t understand – the beach vendors for chairs and umbrellas have to clear the beach and people by 630pm and close on Wednesday. For several years I have sat on the beach once a month and had a few drinks, eat and watch the sunset. Now I cannot do this. I must leave the beach by 630pm otherwise the vendors get fined. The vendors are doing it though, as well as they’re missing out on customers that go to watch the sunsets and pay for the chairs and service.

Funny that if I sit on the foot path walkway I can sit there free and for as long as I like.

The vendors now have a booklet that tells them how much they can charge for food, how much food there should be, even down to the size of the prawns.

What is happening?

These vendors have looked after me and many overseas guests for years and now we cannot enjoy the beach after 6.30pm.