Buoys disintegrating



Last year around October 2010, a great safe idea was to put large florescent buoys around 100 meter areas in Jomtien and Pattaya beaches so swimmers could enjoy safe swimming and playing without any type of thrill craft, tour or fishing boat entering the swimmers area. They did keep the areas safe, but are now unsafe to all.

The problem being the manufacture did not build these buoys strong enough to handle the moods of Mother Nature and now they are breaking up.

We have learned that there is a 2 year guarantee on these buoys, but who is going to clean up this horrible mess and in the meantime? All sizes of foam and heavy gauge bits of plastic are breaking and leaching out of these buoys every hour.

The Pollution Solution Group feels that the manufacture of these units are responsible for the breaking up and spewing foam and plastic all over our beaches and ocean and should send out a crew to remove, starting yesterday and daily until the problem is solved. I’m sure that the manufacture has now mastered a better way to build these buoys or to be open for suggestions as we have heard many better and safer ways to build them.

Gerry Rasmus