Broken buoys



We now have found in some areas of Jomtien Beach, that the swim buoys are breaking up daily, due to the rage of Mother Natures, waves, currents, tides and wind.  The swim buoys should all be removed in these areas, they are making an unrepairable mess out of our ocean and making our beaches in these areas not fit for beach-goers.

The buoys’ outer shell of plastic after breaking up might be ingested by our seafood, and all types of sea creatures including seabirds could die.

The buoys inner-flotation foam, after it breaks up, looks like jellyfish, and might be ingested by turtles and others that feed on jellyfish, many also could die.

In the ocean, is another unseen story; these buoys are breaking lose, some becoming beached, the broken buoys outer plastic shell is being removed to sell, the foam is left behind, breaking up, becoming a mess and danger to our ocean, what lives in it and off of it.

If we could only get Pattaya City Hall and the manufacture to agree to agree, that a mistake has been made and they both should immediately take responsibility, for this ongoing beach and ocean mess, and take care! (NOW) Not after they have all broken up and left behind dangers to all sea-life, an eye-soar to all beach-goers, many will decide not to come out and play on our beaches.

If there is anybody interested in lending a hand to help remove some of these dangers or a finger, to call 1337 and share your disappointment in the lack of action, taking place, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

Gerry Rasmus, aka KOTO