Black Rob passes away


Dear Sirs,

I wonder if through the good offices of your mail column I could say a few words about Elfrado Roberts, or Black Rob, as he affectionately liked to be called.  Five weeks ago Rob unexpectedly encountered chest pains and after initial in-house treatment at Pattaya Memorial Hospital returned to England.  On Saturday 7th April, in the company of his two sons, he peacefully passed away at hospital in Sheffield.  Rob was a very young 67 when lung cancer took him from us.

After spending his working life in England in the medical world, mainly training nurses and other medical staff for the British Health Service, Rob retired to Thailand.  Once here he again took up teaching, this time teaching his university subjects of Biology and English at international schools.

His spare time was spent on his love of sport in general and cricket in particular.  He was a prime mover in the Pattaya Cricket Team.  He was also deeply involved with aiding children in sporting activities both here and up county in the Nong Bua Lam Phu area.

He will be missed by his many friends, both from sports and the quiz teams.  We shall also miss the “Chilli Con Carne” he made from time to time when wearing his chef’s hat.

May we pass to his sons, Ashley and Leon, our deepest condolences.

Roy Harris,

On behalf of Rob’s many friends.