Bedevilment of Brexit



Can you imagine Thailand deciding to leave ASEAN? The insane decision for Britain to leave the EU was an incomparably worse one and I appeal to all British expats living in this country to sign the petition for a second referendum.

The reasons for this are that the first referendum restricted the choice between Leave or Remain and those who voted to leave were given no choice of what sort of divorce they wanted. Many of them did not realise the negative, devastating effects their votes would have. The enormous devaluation of the pound is just one of numerous very serious consequences. A few of the other reasons include the lie that there would be more money for the NHS whereas it is in fact already causing havoc to the service. Many elderly voters who were predominantly pro Brexit have since departed and the 16 and 17 yrs age groups had no vote although they will be the most affected by the outcome. We know that the 18-21 age group was overwhelmingly in favour of remaining in the UK so there is no reason to believe that their younger peers would be any different. Many expats were disenfranchised but at least there is now a chance to sign this petition.

If any British citizen wishes to sign the petition it can be found on ‘People’s Vote Campaign’.

Michael Nightingale