Bank does not care



Beware! Early in October I discovered that there was money missing from my bank account. The teller told me someone else had my pin number. No. I alone have my pin number. She told to make a report to the police, which I did. They filled out a form and told me to go back to my bank. I did. They asked questions, filled out forms which were sent to the Bangkok office. I called. No one knew anything. I called. No one knew anything. About four days in I got a call from the bank saying they had found the culprit and had CCTV photos and would I look at them. Back to my branch. They knew nothing about this.

Call to Bangkok office. No one knew anything. They were wearing me down, which I suspect was the desire from the start.

I emailed the bank in Bangkok. They knew nothing. Five days later I got an email from the bank saying they could do nothing as this was a police matter… besides, there were no photos from the CCTV as the camera was broken.

Incredible. Rude, uninterested staff who are supposed to be giving good service to their customers. The bottom line: the bank does not care. I have taken out my money.

Robert DeWolfe