Bangkok taxi happily put down arm on his meter



Re: Free for all Pattaya (PM Mailbag Friday 13 March 2015) – Interestingly, while having my car serviced at Nissan overnight far north on Sukhumvit Road, I flagged a cab that was from Bangkok and I had to show him the way in broken “Tinglish” to my street and location, but we did just fine. He was “on call” to take someone to Bangkok and happily put down his arm on his meter, but he did not know his way around town either. I tipped him nicely and the total was 100 baht.

I also do not take a songthaew wanting to be a taxi “suddenly” on a main songthaew route. Now, this same thing could happen in Bangkok Ekamai station if you take a cab waiting at a bus station. Rather, I walk to the street and hail a passing cab.


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