Bang Sean has far more city planning



Re: Pattaya Beach still has problems (PM Mailbag Friday, 25 April 2014) – Glad tourists haven’t discovered Bang Sean. Far more city planning than Pattaya. Beach promenade curbed on both sides to prevent motorbikes from using it. Public restrooms & showers at intervals, the beach promenade completely shaded. No ladyboys, jet ski mafia or others selling services, no trash. Vendors selling all sorts of food on the beach, no need to order from chair vendors. Beach Rd. 3 lanes in both directions, & drivers will allow you to cross the street. No drunken farangs, I guess they want to keep it a beach vacation resort for middle class Thais, as no English is spoken. Well if it is so nice, why don’t I live there? Guess what, we have been in touch with an agent.

Dill Pickles