Bags make easy targets



Re: Waterproof phone pouches popular during Songkran (PM Friday, 26 April 2013) – These bags did a great job at keeping items dry during the water fights, but if like me and I guess many more, these bags where a very easy target for the thieves. I myself had the rope use on these bags cut and the thief took my digital camera and my HD video camera. I know many others had the same problem, as I was told this by Pattaya Police – around 400 reports of stolen property was reported during the day.

For myself I was angry that this scum had stolen my camera. I was more angry as it was near the end of my family’s holiday (we visit Thailand every year) and was so angry that I had lost all my photos and video of my daughter, who is only 8 and it was her first taste of Songkran. I just hope the scum who did this enjoys the drugs they will buy when the sell my items on. For me, Thailand is out of the question when it’s Songkran. It’s a shame as it is such a fun time to be in Pattaya.

Simon Meredith