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Re: Sattahip woman brutalized for bad karaoke (PM Friday, 04 April 2014) – Like most, I’m really not a fan of bad music or music at deafening loud levels. This leads me to believe Thais have really thick skin with their talent and dream of stardom. Many times I, along with others, have emptied a bar leaving no customers, yet the singer and management seem not to notice the loss of business is directly connected.

Just last night at a bar that we frequent the manager told us they were extending Happy Hour to 9:00pm as opposed to the usual 8:00pm. We were the only 2 customers left. The karaoke singer showed up at 8:00, put in a CD, cranked up the sound and departed. So did we.

Of course I don’t condom what happened to this lady. Maybe if more customers voted with their feet someone will eventually get the idea. Most consider bar music to a background to conversation between friends, and not in competition with a machine. There are many venues with ear splitting bad music for those that love it. I’m glad Pattaya provides that for you.

Yes I’m and old fart, 65, but I was here when they didn’t make stadium size sound systems for bars. I’ve been here since 1980.

Dill Pickles

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