Australian aged pensioners leaving to live overseas



It has been noted that persons already receiving the aged pension are having difficulty surviving on their meager payment and moving to countries where their money goes further. For those who have been on the age pension for some time there should be no problem. After 6 weeks they will lose the supplementary & clean energy payments & receive the basic payment of approx $766.00 per fortnight.

Cited in the report is a Mr Craney who has packed up and is living at Udon Thani. Being made redundant at age 55 he has disposed of his assets and plans to live on his savings till he reaches pension age. I fear this man has burnt his bridges too soon. If he has no residential address in Australia he will not qualify for a pension until he returns and lives in Australia for 2 years. Perhaps he would have been better advised to have kept his house and rented it out. That way he would have had a residential address.

There are many countries that have a reciprocal health scheme with Australia but sadly Thailand is not one of them. Which ever way the wind blows for Mr Craney, I wish him luck.

Bill Neal

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