Aussie government wasting millions



Re: Crazy politicians (PM Friday, 30 August 2013) – For years the government has wasted millions of $’s propping up these two American companies. They accept the money then still go ahead and stand workers down. Why would you buy a vehicle of lesser quality than the imports at an inflated price? GMH can turn out a V8 commodore, offer it to me for $50,000+ then rebadge it, ship it to America & sell it for a fraction of our price.

It’s sad that many people will lose their jobs, but it boils down to supply & demand. Our government raves about our economy, our AAA rating and our 5% unemployment. They feed us with spin & if they came clean and showed how they doctor the figures, true unemployment is nearer 10%. Why Peter Geran even worries about the Vietnam “cyclo industry” going downhill is beyond me. After this week Australia may have a new government, but don’t expect things to get better. Same menu but new snouts in the trough.

Aussie Bill