At what cost to Pattaya residents?



To the headline (Pattaya Mail, Vol XX, #2) Pattaya rakes in 8 billion in 2011 – should perhaps be added, but, at what cost to Pattaya residents? Pollution, traffic nightmares and festering garbage dumps.

TAT Pattaya Director Athapol Vannakit waxes euphoric over this profit. But has the good gentleman – or any of the city fathers – been caught up in the horrendous traffic jams caused by such events as the Pattaya Countdown, the International Fireworks, last weekend’s Children’s Day and a myriad rock concerts, etc., etc.? Three so far this year.

Furthermore, as an added attraction, perhaps bus trips could be laid on for the thousands of tourists to visit the endless, stagnant, festering garbage dumps, everywhere!

Perhaps, one percent of this huge profit coming from selling the beachfront, could be contributed to cleaning up the environment.

Peter Cummins,

A formerly avid supporter of our once-beautiful “City-by-the-Sea”.